RS Slides

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I've always wanted the perfect pair of slides but could never find one. I wear slides a majority of the day and I wanted something that would suit my lifestyle. I run, I sweat, I like to be comfortable, and I would to put my gear through a ton of abuse. 

6 months and 7 prototypes later, I've developed a slide thats not too firm, not too soft, just perfect. I've ran quite a few miles in them and they feel good. I've drenched them in sweat and they stayed intact. I've thrown them in and out of my gym bag and they are still in great condition. 


I'm proud to announce that the RS slides are now available to anyone who is looking for any of the above things I mentioned. 


Above all else, I appreciate you taking the time to read this, support my journey, and possibly share something cool that I've created. 

Free shipping within the US.

Happy training!


- Ron Scolesdang